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Beatty, Kim Grade 4 Teacher 3215 Visit Ms. Beatty's Site 
Bishop, Ann Special Education Assistant  
Bouchard, Lynn Grade 4 Teacher 3204 Visit Mrs. Bouchard's Site 
Bouchard, Sarah French Teacher 3221 Visit Mrs. Bouchard's Site 
Bousquet, Dana Speech Specialist 3203 Visit Mrs. Bousquet's Site 
Bradbury, Colleen Special Education Teacher 3105 Visit Mrs. Bradbury's Site 
Chapman, Leanne Special Education Assistant  
Cleary, Katie Kindergarten Teacher 3206 Visit Mrs. Cleary's Site 
French, Samantha Head Cook 3109  
Gatherum, Paula Nurse 3112 Visit Ms. Gatherum's Site 
Gauthier, Lesley Grade 2 Teacher 3205 Visit Mrs. Gauthier's Site 
Herrick, Greg Grade 3 Teacher 3212 Visit Mr. Herrick's Site 
Herrick, Kelli Grade 1 Teacher 3218 Visit Mrs. Herrick's Site 
Herrmann, Becky Media Specialist 3214 Visit the Media Center's Site 
Jenks, Linda Kindergarten Teacher 3218 Visit Ms. Jenk's Site 
Keaton, Jen Music Teacher 3116 Visit Mrs. Keaton's Site 
Klapproth, Cathy Grade 3 Teacher 3208 Visit Mrs. Klapproth's Site 
Lear, Melissa Grade 5 Teacher 3209 Visit Ms. Lear's Site 
Livolsi, Jena Kindergarten Teacher 3102 Visit Mrs. Livolsi's Site 
Magoon, Jen Cook 3109  
Maguire, Mary Spanish Teacher Visit Ms. Maguire's Site 
Masterson, Catherine Principal 3111 Visit Mrs. Masterson's Site 
Merrow, Pat Cook 3109   
Mitchell, Laura Grade 2 Teacher 3207 Visit Mrs. Mitchell's Site 
Moriwaka, Minako Educational Interpreter 3215  
Murray, Jeannette School Counselor 3106 Visit Mrs. Murray's Site 
Muzzey, Diana Administrative Assistant 3110 Visit the Main Office's Site 
Muzzey,Kerith Special Education Assistant  
Painchaud, Bonnie Grade 5 Teacher 3201 Visit Mrs. Painchaud's Site 
Patnaude, Trina Art Teacher 3219 Visit Mrs. Patnaude's Site 
Phillips, Cheryl Special Education Teacher 3105 Visit Mrs. Phillips' Site 
Raymond, Brandon Grade 5 Teacher 3211 Visit Mr. Raymond's Site 
Roberge, Stephanie Grade 1 Teacher 3107 Visit Mrs. Roberge's Site 
Robinson, Robin Para Professional  
Sedgley, Kelly Reading Tutor  
Simbari, Christi OT 3216  
Smith, Kerri Reading Tutor 3106  
Staples, Sue Physical Education Teacher 3115 Visit Ms. Staples' Site 
Storrs, Rosanne Special Education Assistant  
Terkow, Alyssa Grade 2 Teacher 3217 Visit Ms. Terkow's Site 
Viani, Carolyn Grade 1 Teacher 3101 Visit Mrs. Viani's Site 
Zarges, Debbie Para Professional  
Zink, Kate  Grade 4 Teacher 3211  
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