LES welcomes students at 8:45 with our day officially starting at 9:00.  Students are dismissed at 3:30.

MVSD Mission

Inspire. Educate. Empower.

LES Mission Statement

At Loudon Elementary School, we believe all children can achieve high academic goals and expectations. We will do everything to the best of our ability to provide all students the opportunity to be successful learners. Although there will be students and circumstances that will pose challenges to our purpose, this will not hinder our efforts. We know academic success increases self-esteem and has a positive influence towards a successful life. Therefore, with creativity and determination, we will assist all children.

As a welcoming school, we believe all children benefit from a caring and nurturing environment. We will seek assistance for children who need support to ensure all students are respectful to themselves, others, and the environment. We will help our students be aware of the Loudon community, the United States, and the global world.

New Student Registration Information

Arrival/Dismissal Plan

MVSD Promotional Video

Thanks to all the students who participated!